Size: Golf Ball to Dust

Size: Golfball

8 Limestone

Used for septic drainage and landscaping.

57 Gravel

Mason Sand

Everything from golf blends to volleyball sand.

304 Recycled

Size: Coarse Sand

Used in drainage, under concrete, under swingsets. "Pea Gravel"

For use as 2nd layer of driveway, and base for outbuildings.

Dirt and Topsoil Products

8 Gravel

Products for fill and plant growth.

For use as 2nd layer of driveway, and pothole filler.

Easy to shovel.

Recycled Products

Size: Quarter

Topsoil that has been pulverized. Great for yards, flower beds, green paths, etc.

Great for horse arenas, under paver layment and masonary mixes.

For use under concrete, french drains, backfill, and landscaping.

Excellent filler for building pads. Cheaper and harder than limestone.

Size: Quarter

Primary topcoat for most driveways. White/grey in appearance.

Size: Golf ball to Dust

Size: Fist

Asphalt Grindings

Sand Products

Round Gravel Products

For use under paver patios, and around fence posts.

Cheap packable fill.


Limestone Top Coat Products

Secondary option in topcoat for driveways. Smaller, but more expensive

Concrete Sand

Decorative granite rocks.

2 Limestone

Size: Pea

Size: Dust

Processed Topsoil

411 Limestone

These products are made from recycled asphalt and concrete.

Size: Softball

Size: Fist

Used as driveway base. Cheaper altnerative to 2 Limestone.

57 Limestone


These products are options for establishing a base under your construction.

Cheap drainage solution.

304 Limestone

Size: Clumpy


Limestone Base Products

9 gravel

Size: Quarter to Dust

Landscape gravel for drainage and rock gardens.

Cheap generally rocky/clay dirt. For filling holes, or bringing up grade

Size: Buckshot

4 Gravel

Packs great with tamping. Cheaper alternative to 304 Limestone.

Great for topcoating a driveway or parking area. Packs tightly.

2 Recycled

Size: Fist

Size: Fine

304 Gravel

Size: Fine Sand

Fill Dirt

These products are commonly used as a finish top coat.

Silica Sand

For use as 1st layer of driveway, and base for outbuildings.

Cheapest altnerative to 2 Limestone and 2 Recycled. It is the softest option.

Size: Golf Ball to Dust


Typically used for masonary mixes, and cheap fill sand.

These sands range from concrete mixers to decorative.

These products have many uses and are all made from round river gravel.

2 Asphalt

Size: Fine

Size: Super Fine

Size: Pea

Size: Football and Up

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